Personal Rewiring Quiz

Find Out What Your Mindset Is Like With These Simple 4 Question

How Confident Would You Say You Are?

  • A. Low Confidence
  • B. Somewhat Confident
  • C. Pretty Confident In Yourself
  • D. Totally Confident

How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Own Personal Development?

  • A. Not Much At All
  • B. At Least Once A Week
  • C. More Often Than None
  • D. Every Day

How Much Are You A Growth Mindset Verses A Fixed Mindset

  • A. 10% Growth And 90% Fixed
  • B. 30% Growth And 70% Fixed
  • C. 50% Growth And 50% Fixed
  • D. 80% Growth and 20% Fixed

Do You Believe That You Can Achieve Anything?

  • A. I Don't Really Believe In Myself
  • B. I Believe Only A Little Bit In Myself
  • C. I Do Believe That I Can Achieve Anything
  • D. I Strongly Believe That I Can Achieve Anything I Put My Mind To

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Computed sums

Preview how we add the point values together and decide which outcome to use. The outcome that gets to most points, wins.

Outcome #1: 8 points — You're on the Right Path..

Outcome #2: 12 points — You Have a Good Head on your Shoulders!

Outcome #3: 16 points — You Truly Believe that you can Accomplish Anything!

Outcome #4: 20 points — Ready for a Successful Rewired Mind!